Métro of Paris – February – Rush hour. My immediate neighbours smell either too much (or not enough) of deodorant. I am about to pass out, far too hot with my coat, a huge jumper and all my winter layers. The girl behind me does not know it but she is actually holding me up. Suddenly comes the bright idea: I sneak into my bag to get out the hand fan I always carry with me in Madrid. And in a second here I am, revived, peacefully airing myself, my immediate neighbours gratefully gazing at me.


July 2015 – Heatwave – Church nestled deep in the countryside – wedding of course. I glance distractedly around, mentally noting the silk dresses of the congregation getting stickier and darker while their owners are desperately airing themselves with the program. I am at my best: my dress is impeccable, and I can see the other girls gazing enviously at my white hand fan, with delicate gold pineapples printed on it. Even my makeup is still perfect.  Thousands of thanks to the Spanish and their bright invention.



Abani&Co was born from these very moments, when we literally blessed the Spanish savoir-faire, but still somehow missed the French touch that would be so perfect with our look: whether it is urban or chic, in the height of summer or the depths of winter.

Abani&Co is about sharing our passion for this great item. An accessory that can be elegant and efficient, far beyond the flower and flamenco aura that sticks to it.

We create unique and trendy prints on an unexpected material , to create a fashion accessory as useful and light as it is easy to wear.

Deep inside, there is also the need to set a bond between the colourful Spanish culture we have been immersed in for almost a decade and our very own Parisian style that we could never part with.

This is a « Made in Spain with love from France» story. We hope you will like it as much as we do.


Inès et Daphné