Hand fan Aloha

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The Word per se is a symbol for fresh air and good vibes. And this is exactly how we wanted this print to be. This and very colourful and graphical.

The green mint wood is mat and smooth so the fan is really sweet to touch. We add a cute removable bracelet with a green tassel that recalls the colour on your arm and favours your suntan. The many colours of the print (green minth, green forest, red flash, powder pink, yello, dark grey) make it a very easy-to-wear accessory, able to boost any of your outfits, be it casual or chic, as long as it a summer one!


Additional product information

Wood Green mint
Fabric 100% cotton
Size 23 cm
Main color Several colors
Style Casual
Hand fan Product designed in France, fully made in Spain, in a conscious strategy: no plastic used, only wood, and brass.
Note The bracelet is not contractual and could be different

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