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Discover the beautiful Rayas y Sabores collection, featuring three unique fan designs. Allow me to introduce you to Mokka, Fresalimón, and Rosemary.

Mokka is an elegant fan with chocolate stripes on a very light pink background. This combination of delicate colors adds a touch of sophistication to your look while maintaining a light and cheerful ambiance.

Fresalimón is a vibrant model with pink and lemon stripes that subtly transition into mustard tones. These bold colors create a striking contrast, adding a dynamic touch to your style.

Rosemary is a refreshing fan with sage green stripes on a cream background. This combination of soft colors creates a calming aesthetic, perfect for a casual and natural atmosphere.

Each fan in the Rayas y Sabores collection is carefully crafted with high-quality cotton fabric, precisely printed with attention to detail. Mounted on varnished wood, these fans offer exceptional durability for extended use.

Accompanied by their legendary bracelet, these fans are designed to be versatile, seamlessly complementing all your looks. Whether you're seeking a subtle touch of originality or a standout accessory, the Rayas y Sabores collection delivers.

Don't miss the opportunity to add Mokka, Fresalimón, and Rosemary to your accessory collection. These unique fans, with their captivating stripes, will elevate your style with charm and elegance. Express your personality and sense of fashion with these Rayas y Sabores fans that are sure to turn heads.

Additional product information

Wood Varnished
Fabric 100% cotton
Size 23 cm
Main color Yellow
Style Casual
Perfect for Every day
Hand fan Product designed in France, fully made in Spain, in a conscious strategy: no plastic used, only wood, and brass.
Note The bracelet is not contractual and could be different

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